Sunglasses for Every Man’s Lifestyle

If your an active male that has any sort of style and pragmatism then you know that one pair of sunglasses just doesn’t cut it anymore. We’re living in the age of outdoor-dates, all day backyard bbq’s and professional lunches – one pair of glasses can’t and shouldn’t fit all three categories. Below we’ve outlined the types of lifestyle sunglasses every man should own.

The Professional

Every man should be able to leave his office and go out to lunch with clients, managers or colleagues. This should present a polished look without any 70’s creep. Classic aviators square or classic, wayfair and brownies are all great styles that fill out this category.

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The Weekend Party

If your going to a backyard bbq or bar hopping around town you need to have a pair of sunglasses that are both durable and stylish. No matter the style you choose make sure you choose a dark lense – you don’t want people seeing the blackout eyes or the ‘I don’t care what your saying’ stare. Medium wrap poly-carbonate such as the Pokowai Arch by Maui Jim are a great choice as well as the wayfair’s. Another great choice is mountain style sunglasses, they look retro without the dork and they remove absolutely any possible sunlight that could penetrate your eye sockets.  

The Sporting Lad

This one is easy, if you do anything outdoors that is remotely active you need a pair (and maybe even a backup) of glasses that belong in this category. Go polarized and go durable and don’t care about style – this is 100% about durability and function.  You need the lense to be polarized for any water activity you get wrangled into and durability because you will drop them, and drop them frequently. Pretty much any sunglasses made by Costa Del Mar, Oakley or poly-carbonate glasses by Maui Jim (that wrap you face) are great. 

Go yonder and splice some rays!

About the Author: He wants to remain anonymous but will contribute as Randy McBroline if and when he surfaces to contribute to ArticleGum again.